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建筑, 娱乐休闲建筑, 船坞, 俱乐部, 加拿大, 温哥华, Michael Green Architecture, 聚碳酸酯, 胶合板
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温哥华滨海地区建造的聚碳酸酯船坞 Polycarbonate Dock Building by Michael Green Architecture glows on Vancouver beachfront 由专筑网李韧,蒋晖编译 温哥华Michael Green Architecture事务所设计建造了一座船坞,用于存放赛艇和帆船,同时也对海面活动进行监控,该建筑有着半透明的外立面和滑动的车库门。 这座船坞是当地建筑事务所专门为温哥华皇家游艇俱乐部(Royal Vancouver Yacht Club)而建造的,其造价并不高。 Vancouver firm Michael Green Architecture has built a boathouse for storing racing shells and sails and monitoring maritime activity, with translucent walls and garage doors. The Dock Building was built for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on a modest budget by the local architecture studio.
这座私人娱乐设施由两个体量连接而成,从而形成不规则的矩形,建筑的屋顶分别从两侧向内倾斜。 建筑运用了常见的工业材料。大部分的外立面都包裹着白色竖向肌理面板,从而形成统一的韵律。 The private recreational facility is formed of two connected masses, joined to create an irregular rectangular shape and with roofs that slope in opposite directions. Industrial materials were used for the construction and relate to those commonly found in nautical design. A majority of the facility is wrapped in white standing-seam panels, creating a uniform aesthetic.
建筑的一侧是半透明聚碳酸酯墙面,白天阳光透过墙面进入室内,而晚上内部的灯光向外发散,建筑看上去如同一座透明的灯箱。 而在另一侧,车库滑动门面向水岸打开,便于船只的出入。 On one side is a translucent polycarbonate wall, which brings sunlight in during the daytime and glows at night. On the other, garage doors open up to the waterfront, allowing boats to be brought in and out of the water more easily.
建筑师说:“建筑的体量十分简单,由两个矩形相交而成,形成陆地与海面上的两座巨型灯笼。” 船坞位于温哥华Jericho海滩,这片海滩以其迷人的家庭别墅以及其俯瞰城市景观的视野而闻名。 "The massing is simple," said the firm. "Two intersecting wedge volumes mirror each other to create a lantern to the sea and a lantern to the land." The Dock Building is situated on Vancouver's Jericho Beach, an area known for its charming family homes and prime sandy beach overlooking the city's mountains.
由于建筑靠近水域,因此需要强大的结构基础系统。建筑师设置了一系列木桩,而平台与墙体则通过木梁来承重。 建筑师说:“该项目的结构基础花费了至少一半的费用,这就减少了项目其他部分的预算,同时这座建筑对当地社区又有着特殊的含义,这些对设计团队来说都是巨大的挑战。” Because the building sits close to the waterfront, providing a strong structural foundation was a major design challenge. To construct the facility, a series of glulam engineered wood posts set deep into the ground, while timber beams infill decking and walls. "Almost half of the project budget went to the foundation and piles, leaving the design team with the challenge of meeting the project's functional needs while delivering something more meaningful to the community," said the firm.
建筑内部运用了耐磨且便于拆卸的胶合面板,这种材质在此类建筑中运用较多。另外,在建筑内的主要流线中则运用的是混凝土地板。 建筑师说:“该项目的功能需求和紧张的预算,以及项目对场地的呼应等要求,让我们在设计的过程中进行了层层简化,但是仍然突出了这座建造于半世纪之前的滨海工业建筑。” Interiors surfaces are mostly plywood, which is a common material used in sail lofts because it is hard-wearing, and also easily replaceable. Concrete floors are durable to moisture and heavy traffic. "The project's practical working needs, very modest budget, and prominent siting required a simple solution that honoured the cannery and industrial heritage of waterfront buildings that were once found on the site a half-century before," said Michael Green Architecture.
建筑中还包含有卫生间、浴室、办公室。深色的储藏室与整体的亮色形成对比。另外建筑师还为教学和工作坊设计了专属用房。 当进行内部管理等水上活动时,使用者可以将窗户关上。办公室上方的木制屏风能够遮挡机械系统,同时门框的凹槽可以用于悬挂门帘。 Washrooms, showers and offices are all included in the building. A locker room with black accents contrasts with overall lightness of the project. Additional rooms serve as instruction spaces and for hosting workshops. Windows enclose offices for visibility when managing the docks and waterfront activity. A wood screen above the offices hides the mechanical systems, while a knife-edge gutter provides an overhang for the doors.
其他的船坞建筑还有由Weiss Architecture事务所设计的深色木制建筑,其体量位于一个巨型底座面板之上,还有由Snøhetta建筑事务所完成的挪威门廊式船坞修复项目,该项目甚至还放置有简易床,另外则是由Studio Gang Architects设计的斜角屋顶项目,建筑师在项目中结合了划船者的运动节奏感。 摄影:Ema Peter Other examples of boathouses include a blackened-timber volume atop a large deck in Ontario by Weiss Architecture, a restored gabled boathouse with camp beds in Norway by Snøhetta, and an angular roofed project designed to capture the rhythmic movement of a rowers by Studio Gang Architects. Photography is by Ema Peter.
建筑, 娱乐休闲建筑, 船坞, 俱乐部, 加拿大, 温哥华, Michael Green Architecture, 聚碳酸酯, 胶合板



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